Welcome to my art school. I offer Art Classes in Johannesburg, Western Cape and Online Art Classes for beginners and intermediate students, as well as post-graduate artists.   

Drawing classes: Pencil, charcoal, and pastels.

What art classes I teach:

Students range in age from 16 upwards*. There are no kids art classes.

There are food, wine and art workshops throughout the year. Most food events include art projects, but some are four course vegetarian feasts. I like making it a cooking lesson that is also screened online.

Groups and team building include corporate art sessions of up to 100 people and usually include food and drinks, but is shaped by the companies requirements.  

Please contact us to talk to someone who can suggest your best options.

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Evan Jack
Evan Jack
Really knowledgeable. Thoroughly enjoyable learning here.
Grass N All
Grass N All
Chraige Laynes
Chraige Laynes
vicky van wyk
vicky van wyk
Michelle Wolfaardt
Michelle Wolfaardt
Ajay's a great teacher!
Brian “NICKNAME NANDOS” Fernando
Brian “NICKNAME NANDOS” Fernando
Elsa Grobler
Elsa Grobler
Paternoster art retreat
Live Demos
STUDENT DRAWING AT AJAYS ART classes johannesburg

Art Lessons for the Complete Beginner or Struggling Intermediate Artists

You can join one of my art classes in Johannesburg live or online, or do both with my new flexible and user-friendly system. You can stay at home and have your art class there, or come to one of my art classes in Johannesburg. I teach in Kempton, Fourways and sometimes Shelley Point. You can also join one of my demos for free.

Art Class Structure:

For the beginner, learning the various but few steps in creating an art work from idea to paper or canvas is key for success.

I apply a step-by-step method to every artwork, making it easier to understand and to execute. I am a firm believer in planning but sometimes one also needs to experience and create looser, bolder and more spontaneous art work. In the end you will always return to what your personality wants you to do.

The most common mistakes in creating art works:

  • Impatience – which leads to bad or no focus at all. Impatience can be changed by focusing only on one aspect at a time and sticking to it before moving on to another.
  • Painting without a clear plan in your mind.
  • Not observing correctly – observation takes time and diligence, but is incredible rewarding.
  • Disregarding good art – a belief that art is only play without substance.
  • Overworking – many people know this one; painting over one area too many times, over-blending and so on.
  • Not knowing how to use your tools and using the incorrect tools.
  • Not knowing which technique to use.
  • Using bad references or adding objects to your painting.
  • Changing techniques midway through an art work.
  • Overthinking everything.
  • Bad habits taught to us on YouTube and amateur teachers.
  • Not accessing the quiet in your mind – usually due to interruptions.
  • Not knowing composition and its powers.

Art Classes:

Drawing Art Classes

Take my basic course and learn to sketch properly. The aim with this course is to be enabled to draw what you see, directly, with pencil, charcoal or brush. Learn to observe, scale, proportion and shade. Focus and method will create successful drawings. Understand what you are doing, create structure, know what the next step is to take. Learn more about how important drawing in art is here.

Painting Art Classes

So many techniques and ideas, but if you don’t know how to harmonize values, to use colours correctly or if you use the wrong procedures, it always will be the work of an amateur. Too many little mistakes lead to art work that is flat or scratchy. The rush for the end of the painting can also lead to many oversights and mistakes. Using the correct materials for painting is also very important.

Mixed Media Lessons

The alchemy of creativity is captured by carefully employing different media together, like pastels and oils and papers and diluents. BUT, it is not just a plaything, you need to know what you are doing. Abstract is not an excuse, it is a higher form of emotive and mathematical aesthetics. You need to know when to stop and stand back to regard your next step.

Sculpture Lessons

For sculpture, you need to be able to visualize proportion, to ‘see’ in 3D, and to measure and compare by working with your hands. From clay, to cement, wires and found objects, you can create wondrous sculptures by understanding its internal structures and external stability, textures and composition.

Art Materials

We sell some art materials on this site, mainly the art materials required for the courses I present. Have a look, and we can courier them to you.

Comic Art Lessons

There are many comic genres, some easy and some are extremely difficult. Comic is one of the most labour intensive art forms that requires not only above average drawing skills but also an ability to present and relay good story telling to the reader. Young people adore this art form, but rarely realize the work that it involves! It also involves anatomy which can be difficult.


For many years I hosted art and food retreats to Paternoster, Namibia and Clarens. Currently Paternoster is the only location available and includes restaurant and chef participation, a full art program of painting techniques and locations.

Groups and Team Events

Online or live, workshops and team building events can be organised with participants enjoying a creative session and enjoying an ‘out of office’ experience.

Clients include:

Liberty, Minolta, PWC

Live and Online Art Class Options

2020 marked the start of some serious changes. Fortunately for the school, we were able to continue online. rather unique and very effective, it now is an integrated class form.

4 minute challenge


art student art classes johannesburg
art student art classes johannesburg

In the three years that I’ve been in Ajay’s art classes, my skill in drawing and creating art has greatly improved, which I would not have been able to do on my own. Ajay’s experience and knowledge in art, and his hands-on approach to teaching, makes him a great art instructor. During COVID-19 lockdown, we continued with Zoom classes, and the circumstances had little impact on our classes. Teaching and feedback on our artworks by Ajay, has continued as normal. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Ajay, and I’m looking forward to continue with him for the foreseeable future.

Jaco Koekemoer – Java Developer, Discovery

I had a degree in art but had not touched any art medium in almost 10 years i felt like a novice with absolutely no artistic bone. Then I found Ajays art school and it did not take him long to asses where I was at and what I was capable of. What Ajay managed to then coax out of me I’m still amazed at. Not only a body of work but the confidence to think creatively again and act on it. Ajay is a dedicated, consistent art teacher who knows when to push you and when to step in with a helping hand. He teaches you solid processes and no medium seems beyond his ability.

Lauren Hibbit