Simonstown Art Workshop

WORKSHOP NAMESimonstown Art Workshop
PURPOSEThis workshop provides an introduction to observational techniques in art, teaching you how to accurately create paintings in various styles. It covers the fundamentals of painting, with a focus on oil-based techniques
Artists have a distinct way of perceiving the world. They see objects in terms of form and mass, understand values and connections, and have a keen eye for composition, colour, texture, emotion, and even abstraction. This unique perspective is honed through years of practice and education, enabling artists to create a wide range of visual experiences. This workshop offers a practical approach to oil painting, helping you grasp the process step by step. It emphasizes essential elements such as observational skills, form, tonal values, colour, and various painting techniques. Importantly, it guides you on what to avoid, such as excessive focus on details before establishing a solid composition. The workshop also addresses common mistakes like over-blending and disharmony in your artwork. You will have a choice of three paintings to choose from.  These will be ordered beforehand and pre-drawn for you. All-in-all a very enjoyable and rewarding 3 days. There will also be students joining that will be painting specific subject matter pieces for you to learn from. We will do this in a beautiful old building called Rumicon in Simonstown, filled with artists from all walks of life.
Sunday 5 November ‘2311pm – 3pm
Monday 6 November9am – 12pm
Monday 6 November1 pm – 4pm
Tuesday 7 November9am – 12pm
Tuesday 7 November1pm – 4pm
LOCATIONRumicon Building Entrance next to The Sweetest Thing Simonstown, Western CapeONLINE OPTIONYES
FOODEXCLUDEDPlease bring or buy from The Sweetest Thing Below
COSTR 1700.00 liveINCLUDES tuition and rental, 1 x pre-drawn 9 x 12 stretched canvas.
COSTR 1700.00Please call me
COSTR 2000.00Use of my materials, you need not bring anything.
Sunday 11am – 3pmMeet and settle. Overview Observation including talk, demo and a few exercises in observation and composition and tonal values for you.  A quick demo in different oil techniques will also be given.  These include under-painting, direct painting (alla prima), texture, palette knife and wet-on-wet painting.
Monday 9am – 12pmCanvas, surface treatment and colour mixing.  Planning your technique and process.
Monday 1pm – 4pmPainting Step 1 – First layer – correct application using observational techniques.
Tuesday 9am – 12pmPainting Step 2 – Second layer – adding secondary areas and using your brush as a chisel.
Tuesday 1pm – 4pmApplying scumbling, detail and texture. Planning our next retreat.
•             BRISTLE FLAT!!!!  Not pap or soft. Flat Number 2,4,6,8,10.
•             Very Soft Synthetic Flat Brush #10 (Optional).
•             Pointed Synthetic Number 0 or 00 for detail. Georgian or similar makes are good, not cheapies please. Brushes are your tools, spend money on them so you paint well.
•             Palette knife, diamond shape, 5cm and larger.
•             Student or professional oil paints, at least 38ml tubes. 
Colours needed:
Titanium white x 2
Lamp or Ivory Black (optional)
Phthalo or Viridian Green
French Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue
Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium Red Light – a must
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Yellow
Minimum Colours if you are budget conscious:
White, yellow ochre, cadmium red light, ultramarine or dark blue and yellow.
•             Odourless Turps or Artists Spirits
•             Palette
•             Refined Linseed oil
•             2 x clean glass jam jars with lids
•             Toilet paper or paper towel
•             Rags, t-shit material, cut small (20 x 20cm) pieces.
•             Cotton Buds
•             Apron – optional
•             Gloves – optional
•             Flat box or tray to transport artwork.
•             Plastic bag for rubbish An easel  – Table or French A-frame
TERMS & CONDITIONSThe curriculum cannot be changed.
The material choice cannot be changed, especially canvas sizes and brush types.
No partners, friends or pets joining you please.
Be happy.
Please request a Booking Form if you’d like to book for this workshop.



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