Try Sculpture Classes to build your experience!

Sculpture classes are very special and very individual. Learning to shape and mold with your eyes and hands is quite a different experience than ordinary art making. It involves construction, thought, anticipating three-dimensional form and it requires a love for anatomy and abstraction.

sculpting a face
Learning to work with clay.

Sculpture Classes Materials and Techniques

Sculpture can either be built or modeled from soft materials that harden, assembled from different materials being combined and connected together, or carved away using tools to abstract from a block or mass. Materials include clay, cement, plastics and various cladding, also papier mache, polystyrene, wire, wood, pumice, some metals as well as found objects. Sculpture can either be for exhibition or own function, like a light stand or a bottle holder.

metal sculpture

The Armature

Sculpture, depending on its size, function or time of creation, sometimes contain an inner structure that supports the cladding or materials that you add onto it. This is called an armature. You need to learn to make these by taking sculpture classes. You do not need an armature if you build the art work progressively upward allowing the previous to set to a certain strength to support additional weight, but since art classes are not presented every day, this option is not possible. An armature is an integral part of sculpture in any event as you may want to build large pieces once you feel confident enough.

artist sculpting
Making an armature


Sculpture pieces can be difficult to stabilize, balance and configure. You need to consider this from the start. Measuring from your source is crucial in this regard. That is where sculpture classes will benefit you greatly.

cobalt and cement sculpture
Cobalt and cement sculpture

Casting in sculpture entails building a mould around an object to recreate it by casting a substance into its interior. I can teach you this, but it is a laborious technique and your object must not be too large.