Paternoster Art Retreat 14 – 20 October 2024

About the art retreat:

The Paternoster Art and Food Retreat creates a captivating and enriching experience, blending the artistic essence of the coastal town with the culinary delights it has to offer. The retreat’s focus on fostering creativity, connection, and culinary exploration creates a unique and immersive opportunity for individuals seeking a well-rounded experience. 

Paternoster’s charm, rooted in its historical evolution and picturesque landscapes, provides a perfect backdrop for the retreat. The mention of the town’s connection to the San people, its maritime heritage, and the possible origin of its name from Portuguese seafarers adds a layer of mystique to the overall narrative.

Your art program for this year’s art retreat includes watercolour, drawing, oils, and a little mixed media.  Beginners are welcome.  We paint what is around Paternoster: ocean, surf, rocks, fish, people and fisherman’s cottages and a bit of abstract.  If you are intermediate or advanced you are welcome to express and experiment.  I usually teach by explaining, demo and help, but I never paint it for you – that’s cheating.  We draw and paint outside on the beach, inside the hotel and at the restaurants.

The food program integrates itself into our week.  We visit the best Paternoster has to offer – restaurants like Oep ve Koep, Voorstrand, De Seekat, Leeto, Gaatjie, Noisy Oyster, and culinary experiences like Paternoster Wine and Tasting Lounge as well as our Seafood and Fish braai with local chef Ursula (exclusively for us), and Uro, Italian maestro.   Most restaurants feature local Malay inspired flavours and seafood.  If you are vegetarian like me, you will be fine.

Please note for Wolfgat, you need to be booked months in advance and is available on  If you’re steak and chips – it is not for you, but speaking for myself, Kobus Van Der Merwe delivers like few in the world in fine dining.  He’s there at the top.

In summary, the Paternoster Art and Food Retreat invites individuals to indulge in the beauty of art, culture, and culinary delights amidst the enchanting landscapes and creative tapestry of Paternoster’s coastal allure.

Itinerary 2024 ART RETREAT
Day 0Fly in and drive to Paternoster and settle in.
Day 1Breakfast and orientation at designated venue.
 Drawing – a drawing lesson for beginners as well as a refresher for intermediate artists.  Composition, form, proportion and scale, and tonal values.
 Lunch – a small lunch made locally includes quiche, salad and perhaps cheesecake.
 Painting – introduction to tonal values and oil painting, colours, and a few small paintings.
 Dinner at Voorstrand, on the beach.
Day 2We meet outdoors at a beautiful spot in Bekbaai for drawing our first canvas.
 At the studio we paint your drawn canvas in values – plan lights and darks in paint.
 Lunch – Paternoster Wine and Tasing Lounge
 Back to the Studio to continue with colour, texture and detail.
 Dinner – Leeto Restaurant
Day 3We start with some thumbnail watercolour sketches, followed by a new oil painting done wet-on-wet.
 Off to Uro for an Italian lunch – about 8km away.  Delicious, beautiful setting.
 You are off for the rest of the day.
Day 4We drive to Tietiesbaai through Columbine Reserve.
 At Tietiesbaai I will demo live painting (plein air) and then set you up for a morning of painting.
 Ursula and Mandy will prepare an outdoor seafood and fish braai with some homemade bread.
 Dinner at De Seekat
Day 5Painting in the studio: Warm-ups and a mixed media piece.
 Lunch at Gaaitjie
 Painting session in palette knife at Gaaitjie.
Day 6Finalising our paintings.
 Dinner at Noisy Oyster
Day 7Leave for your next adventure
This itinerary is not the final one and will have small adjustments that will be sent to you before the start of this retreat. Weather is always a factor and may influence the itinerary.

So, as you can see, a busy program.  The retreat is focused in and around Paternoster only because it suits the excursion better.  You can stay a few days extra to explore the West Coast, Ceder Mountains and so on.

The emphasis is on fun, creativity and new experiences.   Laughter and enjoyment.  It is not meant for some personalities, and it is important you have a flexible and hassle-free temperament.    

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