Paternoster Art and Food Retreat 2021

What dreams are made of

Paternoster Art and Food Retreat 2021: 22-28 November 2021

paternoster art
Early morning Langstrand, Paternoster

Paternoster art and food retreat was introduced in 2010 after I visited this beautiful and charming seaside town 150 km north of Cape Town.


If you have visited Paternoster you will know that it leaves a romantic impression in your mind of old-world village charm, sprawling white sands, fisherman cottages and crayfish heritage.   It is a beautiful town with arid windy summers and incredible wet lush flowery winters.  It may easily be compared in its similarity to a Grecian island in the Mediterranean but owns its unique individual stamp of West Coast Malay flavours and exuberance.

Paternoster has been and still is developing steadily as a town for affluent South Africans and some European holiday homeowners, all painted white and some beautifully decorated with retired fisherman boats called ‘bakkies’.

The community is small but remarkably diverse.  You will find wealthy people living next to poor people, a slightly fractured but interesting system of tradition and small-town politics filling your senses once you break through its’ tender shell.  Tourists flock here during weekends from Cape Town for a break and European vacationers are endemic throughout the high seasons, but during a typical week it is quietly resting and sleeping.

The fisheries still own much of the land in Paternoster and many other societies and movements have also contributed to the development of Paternoster for tourism.  There is a new Crayfish Warf with an art centre, a theatre, and restaurants.  To the north the old town has a few galleries and landmark little shops like Oep ve Koep and other bric-and-brac businesses lining its main street, St. Augustine’s.  This street also is home to Paternoster Hotel, a jolly place with the infamous Panty Bar, where ladies’ undergarments line the ceilings.

To the south, Paternoster is bordered by Columbine Nature Reserve, including a light house and Tietiesbaai, where I host a plein air (live painting) session and a local sea food and fish braai.  To the north there is Langstrand, a wide beautiful beach that stretches all the way to Britannia Bay.  On the way there is an Oyster Farm with a little pumphouse perched on a dune on the beach that is aptly named ‘Die Pomphuisie’.

The history of Paternoster is typical of many seaside towns which started as a primitive settlement due to the abundance of sea life resources for food.  The evidence of middens and landfills confirms of the San living there for thousands of years.  The name could have come from the San but is generally accepted as the prayer from the Portuguese sea farers’ Our Father.  The first European colonizers arrived in the nineteenth century and established Paternoster as a fishing and oceanic by-product settlement.


Paternoster is also known for its culinary flair.  Wolfgat, Oep ve Koep Bistro, and many other great restaurants like Noisy Oyster, Gaatjie, Leeto, Hungry Monk and De Seekat offer all kinds of gastronomy for most tastes.  There is also local cuisine; that of Cape Malay inspired dishes that carry a competitive legacy with dishes like Bobotie, Mosselpot, Crayfish tail, Malay Curry, Bokkoms and Malva Pudding. 


Some artists live and produce their work in and around the town, and paintings, sculpture and ceramics can be found everywhere in galleries like Stone Fish and The Warf.  A town like this exudes talent and creative output.  It is the perfect setting for an art and food retreat.  I love creating art and traveling, and I love cooking, and I share this with you.

The Retreat

The Retreat is structured to entice participants to experience an array of techniques and media but is also easy enough for the beginner.  Although you will have two drawing sessions, most other works are pre-drawn to save time and create a stress-free environment.  Classes are in both Afrikaans and English.  It may include oil painting, water colour, ink, mixed media, printing, sculpture and more.  2021 will be oils, inks and water colour.  Subject matter is usually from what is endemic to our location – like boats, fish, land and seascape, and fisherman, their families, and houses.

Sessions are around 3 hours each to leave a little time for you to explore your surroundings.  These art workshops are held in a big house, at restaurants and on location in nature.

The Cost

I have been requested to create a more economical retreat this year, which is quite difficult, because I need to exclude some food experiences and art sessions. 

The accommodation for your stay can be shaped to sharing a house or a unit, and can be adjusted according to the room type to suit your budget.  If you do not have a budget, I can suggest some stunning 5 star places.

I have shortened the itinerary by one day that would help save money as well.

Cost Breakdown

Transport. A seat on a 10 seater from CT International to Paternoster and your lodging, including transport of your luggage in a separate vehicle. Transport within Paternoster as per itinerary and to Tietiesbaai but not private restaurant bookings and no personal transport – many in walking distance. Transport back to CT international with luggage. Includes damage and accident waiver, petrol, and all insurances Limited to first 10 bookings.R1600.00
Studio hire with coffee and tea for the week
Breakfast on the first day to the value of R150
Beach Picnic (Vegetarian)
10 Art Sessions excluding materials
Italian cooking event with Uro
Seafood, fish and local delicacy braai at Tietiesbaai by Ursula and Mandy
Watercolour and ink session art materials
Acrylic pour materials – excluding canvas
Cooking Class on the beach (Vegetarian)
Accommodation – Private room en-suite, self-catering, sharing unit or house with kitchen, dining and Wi-Fi – 7 nightsR5500.00
Accommodation – Private Room, sharing bathroom, self catering sharing unit or house with kitchen, dining and Wi-Fi – 7 nightsR4800.00
Accommodation – Private Room in 4 star BnB.R7000.00

The Program

This short itinerary that follows is not final, but gives you a good idea for what you can look forward to:

Day 021 NovSunday Fly-in, meet me if you need a lift from CT International.
Departure time 12pm
self-drive to Paternoster and settle into your lodging (160km).
Day 122 NovMonday9amMeet, breakfast, orientation, location will be revealed on your final itinerary.
   10amTo the studio.
Lesson in drawing – introduction to drawing and learn how to draw your environment. Easy and relaxed.
For artists returning – alla prima (direct) small painting exercises
   1 pmPicnic on the beach *vegetarian
   2pmIntroduction to using oil paints and colours prevalent to the West Coast, and what steps to use.
For artists returning – mixed media little paintings
   7pmDinner at Voorstrand
Day 223 NovTuesday9amMeet and drive to a beautiful spot to plan and draw your painting outdoors – you need to be able to walk down a hill.
   11amBack to the studio for more planning of your painting. (Painting 1)
   1pmAntipasti lesson with Uro. Uro and Sven has exquisite flair and love for people and Italian food and will show and share their culinary delights with you.
   3pmPainting in the studio – painting 1 – Underpainting techniques, a short session. Please remember that paintings are divided into sections and are not completed until the last day. This way you enjoy and relax because there is no pressure.
   7pmDinner at De Seekat on the waterfront
Day 324 NovWednesday9amDrive to Tietiesbaai through Columbine Reserve
   10amDemo by me – Plein Air.
I will show you how to go about painting outdoors in a direct style (Alla prima). Learn how to find the best composition for rock, ocean and sky. Colour mixing and recording in a short space of time due to the changing light. This is a lesson for beginners.
   11amYour turn to find a setting and paint.(Painting 2)
   1pmFish braai with Ursula and Mandy. These two ladies delight with cray fish tails, mosselpot, homemade bread and served with wine.
Day 425 NovThursday10amAcrylic pouring (Painting 3). A fun and crafty morning full of surprises. Learn to marble and create effects with acrylic paints and silicon.
   12pmCooking class on the beach *vegetarian. We will convene at a certain place, and after set-up will create a great 3 course meal.
   3pmWatercolour and ink painting session (Painting 4).
Day 526 NovFriday9amWorking and completing paintings. I am there to help you complete each painting and also to guide you with any questions.
   12pmLunch at Gaaitjie
   1pmImpasto painting at Gaaitjie (Painting 5)
   7pmDinner at Blikkies or other.
Day 627 NovSaturday9amCompleting all your paintings.
   2pmLunch at Noisy Oyster as our farewell meal.
Day 728 NovSunday7amDrive back to CT International. Plan your return
Please let me know if you’d like to include Wolfgat or Adel Hughes to your program. From R500 upwards.


  • Oil Set: Titanium white (Large), Primary Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange and Black – These are the minimum colours you need. My palette: Titanium White (Large), French Ultramarine, Alizarin Crimson, Pthalo Green, Cadmium Red Light (or Orange/Vermillion), Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow, Cerulean Blue, Lamp Black
  • Brushes: Only bristle, flat or long flat #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, then a Bristle pointed #1 or #2, then a pointed brush for detail #3/0, 4/0 or 5/0
  • T-shirt type rags, cut to 20 x 20 cm squares
  • 2 x jam jars for liquids and cleaning
  • Purified Linseed Oil
  • Odourless Turpentine or Artists Spirits
  • Palette – flat, medium to large, not welled
  • Jiffy Bags for rubbish
  • Toilet Roll
  • Palette knife – Diamond #5 or #6
  • Wet-ones for cleaning hands or surgical gloves
  • Few Q-Tips
  • Canvas – 7 x 9 inch stretched canvas x 5
  • Canvas – 8 x 8 inch stretched canvas x 1
  • Canvas – 4 x 4 inch or similar canvas x 1 (For returning guests 5 x 7 or smaller stretched canvasses x 4)
  • Few pages A4 canvas sheets
  • HB, B or 2B pencils x 2, sharpener and Eraser
  • A5 Drawing book – smooth paper (like copy paper)
  • 2 Bull Clips

I courier materials and can help you with transporting these.

You can also order everything from me R2700.00, delivered and received at Paternoster.


  • Adventurers
  • Easy going people, intro or extrovert, doesn’t matter
  • Like new experiences and new kinds of food
  • Want to be creative, play and absorb


  • Entitled stiff upper-lips, know-it-all types
  • Steak and chips dependent persons
  • Pets
  • Unhappy spouses waiting in the hotel
  • Racist or religious biased persons