Mixed Media Workshop

Sunday 24 March 2024: 9am-1pm, Kempton Studio

Mixed media in art refers to artwork in which more than one medium or material choice has been used. It involves using varied materials or mediums within a single piece. Artists can blend paint, cloth, paper, wood, and even found objects to create their work. Mixed media includes:

We need to continue to push boundaries, creating unique and expressive works using diverse materials.  Mixed media allows artists to break free from traditional constraints, encouraging creativity and experimentation.  It is especially suited for large scale works with wild people in front of it.

What you will do:

  1. Draw and paint on a wall, using charcoal, pastel, water, and acrylic paints to loosen-up.  We will use big brushes, rollers, and rags.  This will free the inner Cerberus in you.  We will however have a general theme and I will be there to start the process for you, explaining each element and then to guide you.
  2. We will go to your canvas, and you will choose a theme – these will be available as written notes in a box that you can choose from, or you can choose your own subject.
  3. There will be countless materials at your disposal to use and experiment with.  We will only work with water-based products to enhance drying time. I will supply all the materials except your canvas.
  4. Processes and elements like form, colour, linework, texture, composition, rhythm, and space will be key. These elements form the basis of art making and is hugely individual. Creativity and pleasure will play the biggest role. The goal is self-expression, allowing participants to interpret and execute the theme in their unique way. You are encouraged to take photos throughout the process, creating a visual journey of your artistic exploration

This is about fun and exploration and although your artwork will be more abstract than figurative, you will learn much about yourself and your creative influences.

Difficulty level:  Anyone, no experience necessary, regret no kids.


9am – Orientation, rusks, and coffee

9:20am – Demo

9:30am – Wall painting starts.

10:30am – Canvas construction and painting starts.

1pm – End

Cost R400.00

What you need to bring:

Canvas – any size according to your personality.

Your own drink and lunch.

Dress in old clothing, but not naked.

All materials supplied except Goldleaf.


Let me know on WhatsApp whether I should include you on the group. 

I will send you a banking link Monday 18 March 2024 for payment and final acknowledgement, thereafter you cannot be refunded by me for any reason and your space will be kept for you or someone you sponsor (no children).

Afterwards I will a media group or platform for participants to share their ongoing artwork and stay connected, and the next date will be set for further exploration.



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