How to Draw Comics and what to focus on

Comic drawing is very popular. How to draw comics is quite difficult. We grow up with comics hence it becomes part of our imagination. It is story telling in a visual sequence that entices us with interest; like reading a book, or watching a movie. It also hooks onto popular genre and popularity like gaming that becomes viral in some cases. Other ‘older’ people grew up with comics and want to recreate their own version, their own analogy or character driven story. Comic drawing, painting and digital art gives the artist the added bonus of narrative. Creating a story, a fantasy or a graphic novel. Many youngsters and older people enjoy this subject tremendously, but it can be a tricky subject.

how to draw comics
Comic drawing student

There are many genres of comic, from Marvel to Manga, alternative, personalized and mainline comic that has many subcategories, each attracting its owner.

Central to comic is character design, story development, clarity, and of course anatomy. I have a specific way of working around this.

As stated before, comic requires hard work and is not suggested for the lazy.

creating a comic page
Creating a comic

To tell a good story you need to plan, you need a script and introduce genre, mood or style. The story needs to read well and visually make sense. Most times too many frames appear when one will suffice. What makes it so amazing is that it directly originates from the recesses of the mind.

How to draw comics and anatomy

How to draw comics: whether you are drawing monsters, superheroes, animals or imaginary characters, they all have shape and form, much like us. Knowing the body’s view from front and back and side is not enough because in story telling they move. And so does the angles of the viewer – like the director of a movie who creates interest, focus and a desire to read more. Perspective and foreshortening are nowhere more prevalent than in comics and is not the easiest thing to master, but once again, observation and knowledge of reference is most essential.

Reproducing correctly will teach you a lot.