Art Class Details

This class contains details about online and live classes, art class fees, art class times and studio addresses.

Firstly. classes are shaped around the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced students. The art class details on this page explains all the questions about how the classes are conducted and structured.

I have found that artists and art students can clearly be defined into three catagories:

  1. Left brianers who prefer a step-by-step and clearly defined program to advance their skills, not necessarily their talent.
  2. Right brainers who prefer impulse and intuition to guide their creativity, preferring the creative process more than the actual outcome.
  3. Furthermore, there are people who perceive at a very deep level, exposed to art all their lives, never fazed by doctrine, opinion or practice. This will constitute less than 1% of all the students joining.

Therefore you can understand how the art classes need to adapt to these personal requirements. However, this is easier said than done. The problem usually arises from students not just belonging to number 1 or number 2 of the personality types above, but also displaying a tendency to own qualities of both in different ratios.

You, the Artist

People are complex. Most students have received some imbalance of information about technique and execution. All artists, new or experienced, go through a process of creating that includes uncertainty, elation, provocation, mathematical reasoning and self-criticism. That is why it is so great. I never really understood artists that conveyer belt their work like a cheap product.

Although art making involves elements like form, line, shape, composition, colour and so on it helps you very little in terms of understanding yourself and creating a solid foundation to feel safe and rely upon from conception to end.

An artist needs to explore, he or she is always curios, or excited. As a result of exploring and learning, we become confident. When things go wrong, one loses faith, becomes disenchanted with the whole process. That is why you need someone to guide you, ask you fundamental questions and suggest solutions.

The Beginner

Most importantly, for the beginner, you need to be taught to draw lines, to see spaces, to detect proportions, to analyze values (darks and lights), to follow a process that allows you to find and rectify mistakes. This can all be taught, irrespective of personality type. During this genesis phase you also become acutely aware of your world , visually and cognitively around you and use that to create.

In conclusion – art is not that difficult to learn, it can be done step by step. Students are happy with this, and find that the foundation has been set for great works of art. During this phase you become exposed, you enquire, and you develop a sound basis for further development.

Most people think of art as a pretty picture, and real artists will never accept that line of thought. Little knowledge is not only dangerous but detrimental as well. You need to build a solid foundation, then you need to explore!

Online Art Class Details:

Technology and of course Covid paved the highway for online tuition. The days of packing a case and going to school has truly been altered forever, certainly providing many benefits. As long as you have internet, you can tune in and see me and your fellow students creating great art. Furthermore, I will direct you every step of the way, continually watching and commenting on your progress.

Of course, firstly; To answer the big question: How can I physically show you technique or fix a problem you do not understand? Especially if you are a beginner. Once again the answer is simplicity itself. I use a combination of Zoom, WhatsApp a Printer and a Demo Station. To sum up, it really is a virtual class where I literally demo every step to you. During class I request photos as well that can be printed and taken to the demo station, usually a problem area – there I correct while you watch and then you do the same. I watch you as you draw or paint from instruction of file sharing, ask you questions, give demos and print your work, suggest changes to sum up in short.

ajay's online classes
A Virtual Art Class
sketch pad pro
Share Screen sketch Software
art class demos
Art Class Demo Station

Many students prefer this way of communication and education now. Not only can you do it from the comfort of your own home, it saves you money as well. Attention remains personal, and your work is 100% your own.

Your set-up is easy; you need a table, a laptop or tablet or a smartphone and good lighting. You receive a universal code for joining the class, you join the class and we start.

Live Art Classes:

Art Class are also presented at studios throughout Johannesburg and Shelley Point, Western Cape. These classes are popular to students that need someone to physically fix or alter mistakes.

When you book for classes, you will receive the calendars that show you the dates that I am in Jhb, usually 4 weeks a month.

Your time slot will be a recurring one every week. Classes are 2 hours long.

You book for 12 classes at a time.


Kempton Studio:

2 Quinine Rd, Glen Marais

Fourways Studios:

Norscot Manor Recreation Park, 16B Penguin Street

Class Times for Adults:

Norscot manor art classes
Norscot Manor Recreation Park
Tuesdays (Certain)9-12amShelley Point Live, Online

Class Fees for 2021

R 2700.00 Adult12 Classes2 Hours each(R 900.00 x 3)
R 4050.00 Adult12 Classes3 Hours each(R 1350.00 x 3)
Art Class Fees are only payable x 3

How the classes work:

For adults, you can have a two-hour class per week.  You can become a double student – 2 classes per week, 4 hours if space allows.

You can choose your class time from the table below and that will be your weekly time slot for class every week.

We require a 12 class sign up at a time. Art class fees must be paid before 1st of every calendar month.

Classes are interchangeable between Online and Live.  You can either be there in person or join online.  First enquire whether there is space.

If you only require live classes, you do not lose any classes when I am away.

Classes must run consecutively.

If you miss a class during my absence, the class gets added on to your contract.

If you miss a class from your side, you can make it up in the next week if space allows.  After that week’s grace and you forfeit that too, you lose that class.

Workshops need to be booked for and is recommended.

To register:

  1. Decide on a class time.  Enquire whether there is space 0828203466 or email
  2. Fill out your contract and Calendar Form
  3. Pay your art class fees – PLEASE USE THE STUDENTS NAME AS REFERENCE.
  4. Send POP to and pitch for class.