Art Work Gallery

Here are ‘some’ pictures of art students at work. Over 22 years of teaching there are so many photographs of tens of thousands of classes. It is impossible to squeeze them all in. On this page, however, you can get an idea of the general nature and mood of the art classes. Studios are at Fourways and Kempton. Click here for times and costs.

Personalities predict art work

Art works are as diverse as personalities. I usually distinguish between left and right brain first, as there are fundamental differences in a teaching approach towards each. Once a student is comfortable, there is an influx in creativity, ideas and methodology.

The most common problems restricting creative flow in art work is impatience, laziness, fear and over-thinking art making. Drawing is hard work, painting needs restraint and fear is always present in an art work.

Art History teaches you to consider, not criticize art works

Most people do not like art history. This is a major restriction to understanding different art forms and techniques in painting and sculpture, land and performance art. Art does not always have to be beautiful. It can take the form of social, perceptive and psychological commentaries and responses to their world.

Sometimes people read too much into something they read or heard, Then they believe it to be the truth. This will form a personal barricade for developing further in drawing and painting and art in general. Draconian and stifling in making art and enjoying it.

The happy medium

Many popular artists are considered very good, but it is about popularity. I cannot imagine painting only one subject in one way for the rest of your artistic profession because it sells. Art needs to breathe, change and flourish, and your ‘style’ needs to be questioned and challenged. If money is the main consideration of art making, I think it is a fail. If we regard South African artists like Judith Mason and William Kentridge, you become humble, and even though they own financial repute, these artists remain and remained true to their art.