Art Team Building

A group of people can enjoy an entirely unique experience through participating in a creative painting, mixed media, sculpture or drawing session.
The process of visually and physically creating art motivates all intuitive activities in us, especially right-brain activity such as optical and gestural communication, aesthetics and appreciation. Members of a department or business can apply the creative session as a team building exercise, or as a stress-relief activity, whilst responding to new artistic stimuli.
A teacher will guide a group by demonstrating various techniques to create a work of art. Art products are supplied, as well as instruments to produce a whole host of effects. Techniques in painting can include sponging, texture, palette knife, splattering, wax, s’graffito (scratching off), squeegeeing, dripping, swirling, charcoal mixing and combing. Sculpture will consist of building a clay model onto a frame.
Each person may also receive a hamper of art products needed, and sweets, endorsing the playful element.
Other forms of creating art include:

• Venues can be arranged almost anywhere.
• Creativity acts on many levels – it enhances many faculties – such as individual expression, collective problem solving and conceptual thought.
• If you’d like to initiate a more complex team session in terms of coordinating art tasks with corporate culture or problem-solving as a team, it can be coordinated. An example – communication – can be brought into play by communicating thought through symbolic and linguistic imaging to relay a united identity. Each ‘player’ receives visual hints and keywords to engage in to answer a question or to communicate a challenge. At the end, the groups’ joint imaging will bond to form a slogan or idea that relates to your combined corporate persona or branding. We personalize these sessions because each business has its own working methods and strategies. If you’d like to investigate this option, you can contact us. Please note that this activity should have direct identification with your systems that are currently in place. It will also have a different price structure.

I have found that corporate parties are the most appreciated when an element of fun is involved instead of a forced corporate atmosphere. People react better to creativity.

What to consider for a group activity:

Number of ParticipantsThe number of participants influences the type of activity.
I can host a minimum of 20 people, and a maximum of 300.
I employ helpers and even sometimes a youthfull dream team if required.
Additional transport of materials may be required.
Members of larger groups usually clog into their own little familiar groups when participating in an event and I found it should not be administered differently.
VenueThe venue will need tables and chairs accordingly with enoug air circulation, and can be hosted indoors or outdoors, but is subject to weather conditions like rain and wind.
If you are a venue planner we need to set-up a choreographed program and solution.
Time your eventYou cannot plan an event like this too close to the date, as preperation is vital.
Your first priority is to decider the events’ date, then location and duration, then food, beverages and entertainment if relevant.
Transport is important if alcohol is included.
Choise of artworkA large canvas painted by the whole group
A combination of canvasses creating a whole (requires being divided into groups).
Arylic Pouring – a process of creating a small canvas that is characterised be a marble and resist effect.
A drawing session like a landscape.
A painting session with a playfull portrait of themselves.
A corporate choice of paintings – usually abstract.
Outdoor painting sessions in nature with a picnic.
A comic or cartoon session.
An air-drying clay session.
Food and drink options
All include halaal, kosher, vegetarian options.
Build your own burger, with salads, chips and garnishes
Fingerfoods or canapes.
Sit-down formal dinner
Fine dine experience with wine pairing
Gin bar, Champagne bar, open or limited bar.
Post ProductionThe artwork may need some corrections or tlc once completed and may need to go back to the studio.
Canvas may need to be grouped onto a board and so on.

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