Art Programs for Drawing, Painting and more

Why you need an art program

Our art programs caters for everyone’s creative spirit. Above all, everyone needs to know the basics in art making, but it is not always accessible due to inexperience – so you might need a little help with that. Whether it is drawing, painting, mixed media or comic, it doesn’t help to guess, and then to hope for the best. Sometimes people know certain techniques, but they seem to lack where the beginning or end is and simarly don’t own a clear pathway of reasoning they can follow. Therefor a creative block is formed that causes one to struggle and stress. To sum up this lack of structure needs to be dealt with first. You need a decent art program that teaches you to start at the beginning and helps you step-by-step to develop your talent through subsequent projects.

Why drawing is important

If you CAN draw, you are always better off. There is nothing more pleasurable than being able to take a pencil or paint brush and be able to modulate with it. It empowers you and makes you a complete artist! Sculpture also requires knowledge of form (width to length, scale and space), so it is advisable to first learn to draw by following an art program that can help you.

In all courses you are responsible for supplying your own pictures to draw and paint from, hopefully original (many apps exist who can supply you with original pictures that you are allowed to use) or you can learn by using pictures from art masters. We always discuss these routinely during your art program as good pictures make good art works. I also supply you with a list of materials needed for each project. Many of these can be purchased from me.

DID YOU KNOW?: Learning to draw or paint from your mind is near impossible – you may “see” these forms in your mind but they are abstract (like a dream) and cannot be translated onto paper or canvas. People and artists who are seemingly able to draw from their minds, have learnt from realistic ‘references’ and have done them so many times that they have created static memories for these that they can readily refer to again and again.

What you can learn at Ajay’s:

Drawing Art Program

Learn to:

  • Draw realistically
  • Draw correctly – to regard proportion and scale
  • Observe correctly, in-depth and with deep concentration
  • Create values and depth in a drawing and object
  • Harmonize a drawing and to add extra punch
  • Use a process to create
  • Control your blending
  • Draw from life
  • How to use composition to arrange your drawing creatively
  • In this course we use pencil, charcoal and soft pastels with various projects
  • The course caters for beginners and intermediate students
  • This course focuses on perceptional skills that is invaluable throughout your art career
Pastel pencils

Advanced Drawing Art Program:

Advanced Drawing employs in-depth studies and utilizes more media into your repertoire. In other words, much more live drawing, techniques and creative projects are involved in this course.

Charcoal and White Pastel Figurative Study

Comic Course Art Program:

Comic drawing is very involving and entails anatomy, movement, foreshortening, character development, clever storytelling and paneling. Although many teenagers are attracted to this artform they very seldom finish a six page comic, so it needs to be a diligent and focused personality.

a page of a comic done by an art student

Painting Art Program

Learn to:

  • Scale – painting from a picture onto a canvas so that your proportioning remains the same.
  • How to use colour
  • To draw with a brush
  • Use different mediums, like Linseed, Glycerine, Liquin and Retarder
  • Plan a painting correctly using a step-by step method
  • How to spot and correct mistakes
  • To create texture, detail and effects
  • Use oils, acrylics, water colours and all other paints
a student paints a landscape
Oil paints

Sculpture Art Program

Learn to:

  • Observe and plan in 3D
  • Proportion, balance and shape masses
  • Determine form and space
  • Work with clay, cements, cladding, plastics, bandage, papier mache, polystyrene, metals etc.
a sculpture being made in art class


Mixed Media Art Program

Learn to

  • Use different materials together
  • Focus on technique and materials and distance yourself from realism
  • Use techniques like glazing, layering, collage, texture and scraping
  • Invent ways, and seek answers for creating different effects
  • Be playful while maintaining strength in your painting
a mixed media painting using pigment and oil paints
Mixed Media

Workshops Art Programs

There are various art workshops, food workshops and combined art workshops during the course of the year. These include printing, water colour, abstract and many more. I also create residencies for established artists who present art programs in specified fields.

Workshops are open to everyone, but some may require a foundation in creating, in short you to be able to draw.

art workshop
Erika van Zyl as resident artist at Ajays 2019

Corporate Events Art Programs

For events I usually sit with the event managers of the particular company to work out an art program best suited for its function and purpose and to maintain the identity of the particular brand. Ideas include corporate paintings where everyone in a department takes part, paper clay initiatives, acrylic pour and numerous other options are available. The end product can be individual or collective.

Food and drink and venue ranges vastly according to demands, and is managed together or by me. Furthermore an assortment of food and drink options are available, from canape and chef sit-downs to gin bars and food participation treats.

A creative corporate team building event
Corporate Event

With Liberty SA we created 5 beautiful paintings and entertained 70 guests. The food was another initiative, that of building your own burger which proved immensely popular. Choices include meat, vegetarian and Halaal options.