About Ajays and what you can expect from us.

Past forms present, tomorrow you learn something new. All about Ajays and how I think

about ajays
Drawing of friends is all about ajays
Drawing of me and friends in France
Painting in Paternoster
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about ajays
AJ teaching art
about Ajays
Cooking in Paternoster
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Happy by the sea – always.
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If you want to know about Ajays, here it is. After extensive travel and a misspent youth I started Ajay’s in 1998 in Johannesburg.  I am a self-taught artist and was mostly reliant on how-to books before I left for Israel and Europe. Between working in a gallery, cleaning toilets and cooking for 500 people and I don’t know what else, my brain suddenly started functioning. I started to realize how to look at art. However, certain technical things just eluded me, and I wanted to invent a system that I could follow that will allow me to understand how to approach making an artwork without ruining it. And so I did.

A system:

This system I developed proved invaluable to me and later completely integrated itself into becoming a complete artist. I have done, and am doing, many online courses, joined many art groups and attended many workshops with internationally artists. I do this because your journey as an artist never ends. Nothing upsets me more than the arrogance of a know-it-all artist. Little knowledge is dangerous. Learning never ends. Never.

Teachers who only teach one technique and expecting the magic to last WILL teach you something. If that’s enough for you so be it. Have fun.

About Ajay’s:

I  teach people to draw, paint and to sculpt.  My approach to learning to be creative is to cement the foundations of skill, and then to explore. 

My methodology about Ajays:

Learning to observe is key at Ajay’s. Knowing where to start and where to go next is imperative about Ajays. Follow-through and focus is the next step to maintain without diversion. Finally you need to apply some magic and final touches.

Exploration and experimentation needs to be done when you are ok with starting again. Be sure what you want to accomplish from the start.

Old thought patterns are hard to break. Whenever you learn from someone new, forget what you know, keep the good and decide on the rest later. If it sticks, well then it is usually the truth but may not be your style at all! If I sound ambiguous, welcome to art .

Skill is great but not necessarily artistic. Painting and creating a photograph from a photograph takes amazing skill. But can you see the artist in the brushwork? A specific style that defines him or her? Can you see his drawing marks, a subtle manipulation of line, shape, colour, a sign that he was there behind the canvas?

Art is all about the artist. That is why it needs to be original.


People always have their likes and dislikes. In art the same is true. And it is everyone’s prerogative. But, the secret to understanding and appreciating art is… NEVER TO JUDGE. Much can be said about this, usually very negatively towards the critic. Usually said by the ones who have not been exposed to all forms of art. Never wanting to regard the artist.

What art can do for you with Ajays

If you are on this webpage, you are interested in learning to create art. You already think that it could mean something to you, perhaps someone you know.

When you learn a foreign language you become aware, you learn new words and new connections between them. You were attracted towards it because of its audible beauty. Art will do the same, but visually. And you will experience stimulus and growth. Most importantly you will experience and master the ability to empower yourself creatively. This is all about Ajays.

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